What I Saw in our Backyard Amazed Me

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As soon as my mother-in-law retired working last December 2019, she was clear of what she was going to do. She will make a vegetable garden. Well, of course, I loved the idea. Luke and I were willing to support what she needed to make this a reality. We bought some soil, pots, garden tools, and seeds. Little did I know that this garden project of hers will save us from this enhanced community quarantine.

I went outside today. Something that I rarely do. I was amazed at what I saw. Vegetables were springing out of the ground around our house. The seeds of fruits and vegetables she would tell me not to throw were all around our backyard.

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Here are some of the veggies and fruits I took pictures of this morning.



She jokingly said that I have been eating some of the vegetables she planted when she cooks “laswa” without my participation. Well, maybe, it’s time to change my mind and seriously take part of this garden project.

We have saved some money this ECQ by planting veggies in the backyard. Plus the fact that these are universally healthy and immune-boosting foods help us fight viruses.

I am grateful and inspired by this and who knows maybe, I’ll join this garden project soon.

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