KK Parreno-Bautista Ultrasound and Perinatal Clinic Adapts to the NEW NORMAL

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KK Parreno-Bautista Ultrasound and Perinatal Perinatal Clinic announces to the public that it will open its clinic again starting May 1, 2020 with strict COVID-19 precautions to ensure the safety of baby and mommy.  With adherence to the government’s enhanced community quarantine guidelines, Dr. Kaye Bautista’s new set up to the clinic is designed to adapt to the new normal.

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Here are the changes made to the clinic.

To ensure safety, they clinic has installed sanitation booths in different areas of the clinic.


To prevent the spread of influenza, Dr. Bautista’s team took flu vaccinations to further protect mommies and babies.

Your health is important to their team.  Please be guided accordingly to how the flow of the check-up will look like.

General Clinic Guidelines in the time of COVID 19

Our clinic is a non-COVID women’s center, and we would like it to stay that way for the benefit of all, especially since we are caring for mothers and children.  The following are general guidelines that we will have to follow, because the safety of our patients is our utmost priority:

  1.  All consults and ultrasound should be scheduled by APPOINTMENT.
  2. Please come in 15 minutes before your appointment, to allow time for registration and screening to be done by our triage officer.
  3. NO MASK NO ENTRY.  All patients and companions are required to wear masks.
  4. ONLY ONE PATIENT AT A TIME.  Companion will stay outside, in the waiting area, with proper social distancing. (Companion may be allowed for minors, seniors, and PWD)
  5. If with cough, colds, fever, sore throat, or diarrhea, please proceed to the emergency room of the respiratory outpatient center at BAYS center.  We will not be able to see you at the clinic for consultation.  This is a directive given by the Department of Health.  If with respiratory symptoms or history of travel, allow us to direct you to the proper triage areas for further management, because our clinic is not equipped for management of probable COVID-19 cases

We request for your consideration and support as we try to give you the best services that we can in the light of recent COVID-19 crisis.  Thank you very much.


Here are the steps to securing your appointment.

Step 1: SET YOUR APPOINTMENT.  (Call 0933-829-8987 or go to FB page and look for Ms. Carla to verify availability).  Prepare your lab/ultrasound results and mask.

Step 2:  On the day of the appointment, proceed to TRIAGE AREA outside of the clinic 15 minutes before the appointment time.


Step 4:  SANITIZE hands.

Step 5: Fill up the consent form/statement of truthfulness.  Give previous lab/ultrasound results to the triage officer.

Step 6.  Stay in the waiting area, and wait for your name to be called.  Leave personal belongings with companion.

Step 7:  When your name is called, disinfect your footwear in the FOOTBATH located outside the main entrance.

Step 8:  Enter the clinic and go straight to the washroom.  WASH HANDS with soap and water.  Dry with paper towel provided.  Do not touch the doorknob.

Step 9:  Enter the doctor’s cubicle.

Step 10:  After consult/procedure, proceed to the RECEPTION AREA.  Sanitize hands.  Drop payment on the box, preferably the exact amount.  Get results/receipts from the box.

Also, please be informed that there is a change in the 5D package for the purpose of adhering to social distancing and COVID-19 precautions.  What used to be a family viewing time of 6-8 regular sized adults in their ultrasound studio, now can only accommodate one person for viewing.  Grandparents and minor siblings are not allowed because they belong to the high-risk group categories.  But don’t worry, you can send in your camera or phone so that their friendly staff can take the anticipated pictures of your little bundle of joy.


Ultrasound for the Pregnant Woman
First Trimester:
– Pregnancy Confirmation
– Pregnancy Viability
Second Trimester & Third Trimester:
– Gender Reveal
– Congenital Anomaly Scan
– Fetal Growth Monitoring
– Biophysical Profile
– Placental Localization
– Cervical Assessment
Ultrasound for the Non-pregnant Woman
– Transvaginal
– Transrectal
– Infertility Screen
– Follicle Monitoring

– 3D/4D/5D Baby Ultrasound Studio
– Fetal Echocardiography
– Nuchal Translucency Screen
– Doppler Velocimetry
– Gynecologic Oncology Scan (Endometrial, Ovarian and Cervical CA)
– Hysterosalpingography & Saline Infusion Sonography (SISH)
– 3D Gynecology Scan

For updates, don’t forget to like and visit their FB page.

Click the logo below to visit their FB page now.

Please be guided accordingly as Dr. Kaye Parreno-Bautista and her team, uphold their commitment to serve their patients while adhering to the government COVID-19 policies.  Have a safe check-up!

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