Six Steps to Jump-start a Fitness Routine by Coach James Anthony Uy

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I think most of you can relate.  During this COVID-19 enhanced community quarantine, weight gain is real.  Netflix-ing and facebook-ing has taken a toll on our weight.  As if ECQ is the one to blame.  I have not been exercising for a good 6 months or so and my fitness goals all down to the drain.  With ECQ implementation, it was as if eating became next to comfort.

It has always been my struggle.  Yo-yo dieting and crashing have been a life-long frustration.  The most difficult part has always been to pick up where I left off in terms of my fitness goals.  Luckily, I have coach James Anthony Uy to rescue.  Coach James is a certified fitness coach and trainer.  Fitness has always been his passion.  With the many clients he handled successfully, and as long as I am determined to follow his fitness regimen, I’m confident that I will achieve my health and weight goals, on a home workout set up.

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Here are six easy steps to set up an online home work out routine:


1.  Commit to working out.  Mindset is king when starting a work out routine.  One’s burning “WHY” always comes first and a good foundation to start with.  Achieving fitness goals ( weight loss, toning, weight gain, strengthening, and so on) is next to impossible.  But when it gets difficult, you can hinge on your WHY, pick up your pace and start over.

2.  Set up your calendar. Part of your commitment is to set a time of the day to your fitness routine.  It creates a certain mind space allocated for training.  If you are a morning person, carve out one hour in the morning for your fitness goals.  Afternoons and nights are also good.  It all depends on how well you manage time.  With ECQ still in place and an imminent new normal, there will be ample time spent at home.  Why not give some time for a healthy habit of exercise.

3.  Wear work-out clothes.

This is still part of mental conditioning.  Being in your work-out clothes gives you a confident feel.  Backed up with some upbeat music, it’s going to be a perfect set up for exercise.


4.  Find a work-out space at home

It doesn’t have to be big.  All you need is a 20-40 square feet area in the living room, bedroom, garden, or den.  You can be very creative with space.  A 36 square feet average space will allow you to do calisthenic workouts like jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, jog in place, lunges plus some small pieces of exercise equipment.


5.  Measure.

You’ll never know how close you are to your goal if you don’t measure.  It’s a good tool to measure success.  Measurements are needed to calculate body mass index too.  You must know where you are at the start of your fitness goals.  It gives an extra push when exercising becomes a boring chore.  When you know you are close to your goal, you will push yourself a little harder.


6. Find a personal trainer

Fitness is a science.  Like most of us visit lawyers for legal matters, doctors for medical checkups, engineers to build a house, we need expert advice too from legit fitness trainers on matters of health and fitness.  Simply put, they are trained in the science of fitness.    While most of us start our fitness journeys blindly (source out videos on youtube which is fine), there are health and safety measures we need to personally check.  Certain exercises can be done more effectively and efficiently depending on your fitness goal, so there is no time wasted. Form and posture are as important because exercises can also be risky.  Our bodies have unique requirements too.  Having a personal trainer helps you jumpstart your fitness routine until you only need minimal supervision.  They hold you accountable and they hold themselves accountable for your health goals too.  Not only do they give you sound advice for fitness, but they also add nutritional, mental, and spiritual advice.  They challenge you!  All these on top of your customized fitness plan.


Meet my Personal Trainer

James Anthony Uy, is a certified coach and trainer and expert.  He is one of the fitness coaches in Bacolod Fitness Mecca.  Before he became a coach, he has always been an advocate for fitness.  His passion for it made him land on several media local television interviews.  He especially advocates in calisthenics. He believes that one doesn’t have to spend expensive equipment to stay fit, easy on the pocket almost zero expense.  All you need is your body weight. The customized calisthenics fitness plan to his clients is easy to follow and will greatly depend on your body’s capacity.  Calisthenics is for everyone – it doesn’t matter whether you are the athletic type or you are just starting in your fitness journey.

It has been my first week of training.  I’m excited of my fitness journey to be revived.  You can try out coach James’ free online assessment with this link here.


Coach James encourages us to keep on moving forward.  There are many times we can slack in our fitness goals, but it’s never too late to start again.



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